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Emil Grzelak        08 June 2017        Comment (0)

I have been overwhelmed with workload for the last couple of weeks, however I was doing my best to answer your enquiries sent by e-mail or posted in comments.

Many of them concern the possibility of coming to Poland and the conditions that must be met in order to get a residence card. Today I will share a little more information about the premise of issuing a temporary residence permit.

As I wrote here, theoretically, any reason justifying your stay in Poland for more than three months may be the basis for issuing a temporary residence permit. Of course, this reason must be substantial enough and well documented. It is not enough to be willing to change a place of residence.  In the case of “standard” premises the required documents are quite clearly defined. Rare premises require reliable evidence and convincing arguments.

For example, if the purpose of your stay in Poland is employment – the documents from your employer will confirm it. What is important to mention is that if you are not a graduate of a Polish university, job seeking will not be sufficient reason to get a residence permit.

If you are going to study in Poland, you will need to provide a certificate of admission. The wish to study and the fact that you want to be enrolled to a Polish university will not be sufficient enough to get a residence permit.

If you are married to a Polish citizen, you will need to provide current copy of the marriage certificate. Seeking “a wife” will not be a sufficient reason to get a residence permit.

Besides the fact that you need to justify your stay in Poland, you would need to provide some additional documents, which would differ depending on your declared purpose of residence, and the most typical are: health insurance, financial sources and a place of residence.

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