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Basis for TRP

Emil Grzelak        08 June 2017        Comment (0)

I have been overwhelmed with workload for the last couple of weeks, however I was doing my best to answer your enquiries sent by e-mail or posted in comments. Many of them concern the possibility of coming to Poland and the conditions that must be met in order to get a residence card. Today I […]

Specialists wanted

Emil Grzelak        10 December 2016        Comment (0)

Over the last few years the IT and BPO sectors are developing rapidly on the Polish labour market. Foreign corporations are increasingly willing to invest and open their offices in different Polish cities. Therefore the demand for skilled workers (software developers, financial, telecommunication and accounting specialists) is significantly increasing. The basic requirements for candidates are good […]

About visas to Poland. Statistically.

Emil Grzelak        06 September 2016        Comments (2)

In a previous post I wrote about the types of visas and the differences between them. Staying in the topic, I decided to look more closely at the statistics related to the visas issued by Polish consulates. Over the last six years the number of visas issued by Polish consulates grew by 70 percent (from 898 […]

Visa to Poland

Emil Grzelak        16 March 2016        Comment (1)

If you are thinking seriously about coming to Poland, you should learn about the possible types of visa. Regardless of the reason you want to travel to Poland – sightseeing, working, studying etc. – one thing is certain: before you come here you need to apply for a visa. With this article you will find out what types […]

Temporary residence permit due to conducting a business activity

Emil Grzelak        08 January 2016        Comments (4)

The beginning of the new year does not mean that you should make some New Year’s resolutions, but for some, the symbolic change of date is particularly encouraging and motivates to action. Therefore,  it is a time when many people decide to open a business and I decided to write about the possibility of obtaining […]