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Emil Grzelak        10 December 2016        Comment (0)

Over the last few years the IT and BPO sectors are developing rapidly on the Polish labour market. Foreign corporations are increasingly willing to invest and open their offices in different Polish cities. Therefore the demand for skilled workers (software developers, financial, telecommunication and accounting specialists) is significantly increasing.

The basic requirements for candidates are good knowledge of English language and specialistic education. Particularly desirable are developers with professional experience, good communication skills and willing to develop their skills in new technologies.

Both Polish and Western European labour markets are not able to meet the growing needs of IT enterprises. It is estimated that in 2020 in Europe, may lack even 800 thousand of IT specialists. Already in 2015, this deficit in Poland was estimated at about 50 thousand. In this situation, many companies are increasingly often and more actively looking for employees abroad. Large corporations offer to qualified specialists attractive relocation packages including finding accommodation, family relocation assistance and help with obtaining a temporary residence permit for high-skilled workers (Blue Card).

Polish IT and BPO sector is open to qualified employees from Asia and Eastern Europe, in accordance with the persistence of the direction of economic migration.

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